Patient Testimonial

Unless someone has lived with a denture for 50 years, they cannot understand the discomfort, the lack of a great smile, the inconvenience, the expense and constant worry about failing bone and ill fit; and it only gets worse with age. I saw Dr. D at the recommendation of Dr Lisa Schulman- another rock star- because my denture did not fit and my bone was wearing very thin- I was at the end of my rope and felt hopeless. He literally saved me. He gave me hope. Over the next year he rebuilt the bone in my mouth and implanted little metal screws and they now hold a denture that clicks into place, bone does not wear away since the screws keep the bone intact and prevent it from atrophy! I can brush my teeth many times a day- it only takes seconds- and feel fresh and clean all the time. No adhesive, no worry about how to find a place to take out and replace my denture paste. I no longer carry denture paste everywhere and the best part is no denture covering my upper palate . The clickable denture is a horseshoe shape and the roof of my mouth is uncovered- fabulous since this is the part of my denture that always felt so loose and wiggly. I am sooo much more confident, the teeth feel like my own since they do not move, and I can eat anything. This experience changed my life. I now feel free to travel anywhere without fear that I may have dental problems. I used to worry that my girlfriends might see my dental adhesive in my toiletry bag so I would hide it- all of this now unnecessary. I once asked Dr. D if he had ever worked on a mouth worse than mine- and he just smiled. I cannot imagine a more dire situation than mine. He can work real magic and if you have any doubts, go see him because he is so kind! The office offers payment options too. Just get your life back!!

- Buffy B

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